Sunday, March 25, 2012


The sun shines and we all break out of the house like caged animals...

We have been working a little with Paige riding her bike in our basement and have been so excited for a decent day when we could finally take her out on the bike path.
Today was the day! The sun was beee---uuuu-tiFUL! Oh man I can't wait for summer.

Here are some fun shots from our little family outing.

You might notice that we had to stop for random photo opps along the way. Paige really wasn't as excited about the bike ride as we were...but she still gave it a good "go." She had fun stopping every few seconds to pull out a new doll for a picture, and we were starting to wonder just how many dolls and things she had stuffed in her bike's carry pack. She also stopped for some patty-cake with Jace. And drinks of her sugar-free, caffeine free "energy-drink" ;)

I pushed Jace in the stroller and enjoyed the view from behind - Paige's feet barely reaching the bottom of the cycle, and Jesse the attentive guide as she constantly needed a little steering correction (mainly because she gazed off and forgot to steer)...and quite honestly I was really admiring our bike selection - I LOVE the hot pink and blue, the glitter, the princess decor, it's SO Paige :)

Thank you sunshine for making our day.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Fotos

Hmmm...that says: I decided that if I am going to host Xmas Eve dinner again we should probably invest in a tad bit nicer tablecloth so we don't have to buy a green napkin tablecloth at the last minute. Thanks to our special guests, Michael & Travis Parsons for driving ALL the way from Wisconsin JUST for my feast.

And that says...
Paige played Santa. Blah blah blah.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mr Jace is 9 months old

Little Baby Bunting - Sure wish I had a sweet suit like this!
(That's NOT a request to Santa for adult-footie jammies)

Pretty proud of himself here. Maybe because we praise him so much for climbing up on the couch. The little things in life...

Proof that he doesn't always smile....

But more often than not...can't hide that sweet smile behind anything!

Sunday, November 13, 2011